Who is currently on the HOA Board for Devonwood?

All board members volunteer their time to help the Devonwood Community. You can always find the list of board members here: https://mydevonwood.com/board-members-list/

When is the monthly board meeting and is it open to residents?

The monthly board meeting is typically the 2nd Monday of the month at 6:30PM and it is open for residents to attend the open forum to bring up any issues, thoughts, or ideas they may have.   The meeting is typically at the Boat House (100 Devonwood Drive) or you may request a Zoom Invite link from Jeff Louis (Jeff.Louis@sbcglobal.net).  We encourage residents to come and participate if you’d like to help evolve the Devonwood Community!

We do our best to keep the meeting times posted here: https://mydevonwood.com/events/

If for any reason you do not see the monthly meeting on that page please reach out to Jeff.Louis@sbcglobal.net to get the date and time.

How do I submit applications for such things as tree removal, outdoor landscaping, exterior paint, .etc?

All applications can be found online under the resident applications within the MyDevonwood website: https://mydevonwood.com/resident-applications/

How do I become a Devonwood HOA Board Member?

Once a year board members are elected at the annual meeting.  You can submit your application to the board by filling in this form and send to: Jeff.Louis@sbcglobal.net before May 7, 2022 or you can show up at the annual meeting and get voted in from fellow residents.

Where can I find the policies (declaration, bylaws, fencing, etc.) of Devonwood?

All policies, rules and regulations can be found here: https://mydevonwood.com/resident-documents/

Do I have to be a board member to help out and shape the Devonwood Community?

100% Absolutely Not!  We love as much feedback as possible and are always looking for volunteers to help with Devonwood.  The more great ideas and help we have the better!!!!

Where can I view the minutes from the last Devonwood HOA Meeting.

The minutes can be found on this page here: https://mydevonwood.com/hoa-minutes/

What can I do to the exterior of my house without approval?

We suggest if you are planning to do any work on the exterior of your home, call 860-229-997 or email Jeff.Louis@sbcglobal.net first to clear it.  Jeff and his team are here to help residents understand the rules, regulations and processes.  They will walk you through any necessary process (if there is one) for your project.

I am concerned about “transparency”. How do I understand/become better informed of what the Board discusses and decisions that are made?

The Board takes the issue of knowledge sharing and decision making very seriously. There are many ways to become better informed as it relates to the Executive Board. Amongst them are attending the monthly board meetings open to all Devonwood residents, reviewing the meeting minutes available to all Devonwood residents, and/or communicating directly with our property management company (Jeff Louis and Associates). With nearly 400 homes in the community, providing a consistent method to become better informed is of utmost importance to us.

Who controls what is in the Neighborhood Living Magazine?

Neighborhood Living is a lifestyle magazine targeting Devonwood residents.   Neither the HOA nor the board control the advertising or content.