Easily stream video across the health enterprise

Minimizing the number of people in the OR is important for maintaining care team focus and reducing the risk of infection. Image Stream Medical makes it easy to bring the procedure to colleagues and visitors across the enterprise with secure live video streaming.

View video from anywhere

Our LiveStream™ Network securely streams video throughout the hospital network. Using our browser-based LiveStream Portal, clinicians can view live video from any PC connected to the hospital network. Privileged users also have the ability to remotely select video sources within a room.

Remote monitoring

Our streaming solutions support a range of activities that promote learning and efficiency. Clinicians can remotely monitor the progress of residents or learn from a colleague’s procedure via LiveStream Portal. Using our Real-time Room Status solution , they can check to see if a room is ready for use, saving time.

Protecting privacy

User authentication ensures appropriate access to in-room video feeds. And in-room personnel can control remote access, ensuring patient privacy is always maintained.